August 9, 2022
  Company Profile

Menaco is a privately held corporation engaged in the sale and distribution of institutional
products, supplies and equipment. Its marketing efforts are channeled through two divisions, the Janitorial and the Service Departments.

The Corporation was organized in 1983 to acquire the assets of the industrial cleaning and the packaging products division of Méndez & Co Inc. who had marketed cleaning and packaging products for over 35 years. In this manner, Menaco enjoys more than a 50 year marketpresence in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with over 1,500 different products in stock.

The Company serves the entire Island from its 40,000sf main warehouse and administrative office facilities.

At present, the Company's work force is comprised of 30 employees of which 10 and 3
salespersons report to the janitorial and Service Divisions respectively. The work team
includes "Point-Of-Sales" attendants that serve "walk-in" customers as well as telemarketingoperations.

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